Top SEO Tips For 2014


The end of the year is nearly on its way which means that for business owners and online marketers everywhere, now is the time to start thinking ahead and planning for future growth. Undoubtedly 2013 has been another year that has yet again been dominated by SEO and the ever-growing thirst to rank for competitive terms and drive qualified traffic to a website and as expected 2014 won’t be any different.

Optimising a website and planning a strategy to rank for some of the most competitive terms in an industry is a proven route to online success. With some quality content, rigorous link building and continuous offsite work; any business can make a strong mark on the internet and begin to reach the millions of people accessible on the first few pages of Google.

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Although dominated by SEO, 2013 was also the year that saw a lot of change in the form of Penguin 2.0 and Hummingbird which is why when planning for the coming year’s SEO onslaught, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Below I have made a list if my top three SEO tips. These are the trends/strategies that I and many other SEO specialists believe will be essential to success in the coming year…

Content- The past few years have been dominated by the phrase ‘content is king’ and unfortunately there will be no change in 2014. Thanks to the Hummingbird algorithm update; search engines are now smarter which means quality, relevant and useful content is the only way forward. Whatever piece you create, make it unique, engaging and of high quality in order to continue your SEO success.
Links- You need to continue building your websites authority and the greatest way to do that is by sourcing quality and relevant back links. SEO was dominated by social links in 2013 and although they will still hold a great deal of relevance it is important to also ensure that you gain links from niche websites to. Remember that a link for the sake of a link will never be good enough; you need to gain a vote of confidence and the right way to do it will be with a relevant industry link.
Mobile Search- I have said it many times; the mobile market has dominated 2013 and surprisingly it will continue to go from strength to strength in the New Year. Relevant results are constantly being offered to users everywhere, more so to mobile users as a result of localisation. Ensure that in 2014 your SEO strategy incorporates mobile search in order to capitalise on its growing popularity.

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The above are my top three tips that I think all business owners and marketers must take into account when planning their 2014 SEO strategy. Above all think it through carefully, plan a solid strategy for the first six months and continue to carefully monitor any changes not only to your own personal results but to the overall algorithm as it is essential to keep your ‘game plan’ up to scratch.

Make 2014 as successful as 2013 with quality search engine optimisation.


Source by Maria H Ahmed