thirds. – 3 Column WordPress Theme (Blog / Magazine)

Columns done right. Premium design that reflects your content in the best way, one that attracts the readers allowing you to fully focus on writing the best articlesEngaging, anywhere. The way we consume content has changed over the years. That’s why we made sure your content looks great on any device out thereEasy to customize. We prepared a well-organized panel that allows you to make changes that will reflect your personality and style and all that in a matter of minutes

Meet thirds. theme for WordPress, the ultimate column/grid layout with a beautiful, well-considered design that enhances your content and makes it even better. Discover the clutter-free blogging experience that doesn’t get into the way of your content and readers.

You can fully focus on publishing and we will automatically make your content more appealing to the viewers by i.a. auto-hyphenating your content in all available languages, adding leading paragraphs when needed or even changing the color scheme to match your featured image or a featured gallery.

We’re sure that your audience will really like how easy it is to share and favourite your posts and discover more of your content thanks to infinite scrolling feature that loads more posts instantly and cuts down on the waiting time significantly – all that with no need for installing additional plugins manually.

Easily get feedback and manage comments with the excellent commenting system that’s deeply integrated into WordPress and personalize the look and feel of your site by tweaking the options in a well-organized customization panel. Explore the little details like custom icons, smooth & thought-out animations, support for panorama images, EXIF (photo) data or the custom-made lightbox that make for the premium and unparalleled distraction-free reading experience.

All that based on a well-optimized code that is easy to tweak, includes special comments & files for the developers and looks great on many devices like smartphones, desktops or tablets with high-resolution (retina) screens thanks to the responsive abilities. Whether you are a writer, publisher, blogger, journalist, story-teller or whatever label you are describing yourself with – we believe that those things will make for the best experience possible which is always the main goal with every theme we make.