Stack – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme with Variant Page Builder (Corporate)


Stack is a robust, multipurpose WordPress theme built with reuse and modularity at the core. Blending contemporary styling with exclusive page building, Stack forms the ideal starting point to website projects of any kind. Boasting over 140 demo pages, 270 customizable interface blocks and a plethora of carefully crafted base elements,

Stack is perfect for your Startup, Landing Pages, Corporate Sites, Agency Sites, Portfolio and so much more. Choose from Visual Composer or Variant Page Builder to craft your website with, both are included with Stack. Take Stack out for a spin and try our exclusive admin demos, try the Visual Composer version or the Variant Page Builder version and decide how you’ll use Stack on your site.


WordPress, meet Variant Page Builder

Themeforest’s most popular HTML page building tool finally comes to WordPress, exclusive to Stack. Over 20,000 customers love the ease and flexibility that comes with building pages in real-time.

Offering intuitive controls, instant visual feedback and near-unlimited layout potential, Variant delivers highly performant pages, free of unnecessary bloat-code that is typical of other WordPress page builders.


Premium Plugins & Features Included

We want to make your life as easy as possible with Stack, so we’re including a bunch of premium features & plugins for FREE with each purchase. Use them or not, they’re available if you want them & their use is totally optional if you’re trying to keep your site slim & fast.


Quality and quantity in equal measure.

Stack ships with over 140 content layouts, including 30 tailored niche homepages (from startup landing page to restaurant, portfolio and more) showcasing just a glimpse of what is possible with the detailed block and element library — from working social media feeds, contact forms and subscription blocks to fullscreen lightbox galleries and filterable portfolios — Stack is infinitely reusable, the ideal go-to WordPress theme for your client projects.


Fast Workflow. Faster Pages.

Thanks to Variant’s lean, bloat-free approach, pages built with Variant WordPress are on average 500kb less than pages built with Visual Composer. This shaves crucial time off all-important page load speeds and minimises unnecessary data requests from your sever; meaning happier visitors and lower costs.


The Best of Both Worlds — Included FREE

Customers seeking a new and exciting way to improve their workflow in WordPress will love the intuitive experience offered by Variant — finally a WordPress page builder that empowers you to create and experiment in real-time without constant loading and finicky controls. Beginners, or those who want to whip pages together in seconds will love Variant.

For those customers who prefer total fine-grain control over all aspects of their layout, WordPress’s most popular page building tool; Visual Composer, is included. Complete with advanced editing capabilities, plugin extensibility and custom shortcodes just for Stack.


True page building flexibility

Every element you see in our demos can be used on any other page, reused, removed or moved as you need to create your perfect project. Our demos show our configurations of the blocks provided, you have total freedom to use as much, or as little of the content blocks as you need.


Localization & Multi-Language Ready

Stack is RTL ready, localize to your own language using the included .pot file, and we’re also WPML ready (sold separately) if you want to run your site as a multi-language setup.


Power Elite Support – We’re here for our customers

Each purchase of a Stack licence comes with 6 months of our much-celebrated customer support. We proudly back our products via a dedicated support forum where each day we help customers navigate the features of our themes and troubleshoot issues they may encounter. As a Power Elite Author, we’ve built a reputation on timely and personable support that keeps customers coming back — with TommusRhodus, you know you’re in the hands of professionals.

Massive Plugin Compatibility

We’re built stack to be as compatible as possible so that you can use it for any of your needs, Events, E-commerce, ticketing etc. If you would like us to test a plugin for you and add to this list, just let us know!

  • WooCommerce – Turn your Stack installation into a fully fledged e-commerce store!
  • The Events Calendar – Showcase your upcoming events and gatherings with Stack.
  • Slider Revolution – Create amazing slideshows for your page headers, integrates perfectly with Stack.
  • Master Slider – Another amazing slider plugin, has a wealth of crazy features, works perfectly with Stack.
  • Layer Slider – Yet another unbelievable slider plugin, boat loads of features, all playing correctly with Stack.
  • Tickera – Use Stack to sell tickets to your events using the amazing functionality provided by the Tickera plugin!

Stack – Main Features

  • Latest WordPress version alwayssupported, currently 4.7+
  • Fantastic, 5 star rated support
  • Infinite page layout possibilities
  • Simple, fast, lightweight page building with Variant Page Builder (Included FREE), or
  • Precise, granular controlled page building with Visual Composer (Included FREE)
  • Hundreds of custom elements, blog feeds, portfolio feeds etc.
  • Simple, 1-click color options
  • Beautifully organised, powerful theme options panel
  • WordPress Live Customizer based theme options
  • Option highlight tabs, click a tab in the page and get taken straight to its option
  • Hundreds of theme options available
  • Developer friendly code
  • SEO optimised design
  • Fully responsive, beautiful design with an emphasis on readability
  • Masonry layouts
  • Carousel elements
  • Multiple header options
  • Multiple footer options
  • Change header and footer on a per page basis
  • Boxed site layout
  • Change boxed site on a page per page basis
  • Single page, one page site capabilities
  • Google fonts compatibility
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Works with Contact Form 7
  • Sharp and professional retina image integrations
  • Adaptive images
  • Responsive, powerful grid system
  • Social Icon Ready areas
  • Custom Instagram widget included
  • Custom Twitter widget included
  • Modular, Extensive headers
  • Social Sharing ready
  • Handpicked, beautiful vector icons
  • Pixel perfect design
  • Nearly 2 hours of custom video documentation
  • Online written documentation, ready to get you started right away
  • Speedy support with average response times of less than 6 hours

Simple & Speedy Admin

  • All appropriate functions and post types from our Ebor Framework plugin
  • No nasty admin changes
  • Quick and simple page building with Variant Page Builder
  • Speedy and intuitive mega menu building
  • Adaptive images
  • Pre-built pages and simple import page templates
  • 1 Click demo data import
  • Automated plugin install for simple startup
  • WPML ready and certified
  • Native WordPress features used for all functionality
  • No surprises! Everything feels just like a regular WordPress theme

Note: While most images in Stack are supplied in the download package – some images cannot be supplied due to licensing reasons and have been blurred heavily.


Latest Theme Updates

April 11th 2017 - v10.0.4
* ADDED: Blog title, subtitle & breadcrumbs to blog index
* ADDED: New theme option, blog title 
* ADDED: New theme option, blog description
* ADDED: New theme option, blog post single sidebar on/off
* ADDED: New theme option, show post category dropdown in blog loops
* ADDED: New blog layout, cards detailed
* ADDED: New blog layout, cards detailed & sidebar
* ADDED: [stack login] shortcode to show the login form in a page
* ADDED: Sub-header background colour theme option
* ADDED: Header background colour theme option
* ADDED: Tickera Support for events
* FIXED: Radio & checkbox elements issue in WooCommerce
* FIXED: Testimonial Avatar grid shows correct column widths for 1, 2, 3 & 4 posts
* FIXED: Markup bug in blog cards, unclosed a tag
* FIXED: Added .header--top-bar prefix class to top bar header for developers
* FIXED: Checkbox styling themewide
* UPDATED: Table styling for Events Calendar plugin by Modern Tribe
* IMPROVED: Theme styling for Gravity Forms elements
* IMPROVED: WP Calendar styling in sidebar widget area
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added category selector to "product feeds" block
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added category selector to "post feeds" block
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added WP Login form block
* VISUAL COMPOSER: Added option to turn template redirect off for posts, pages etc.
* VARIANT: Fixed shortcode-options.js, was being broken if WooCommerce was not installed
* VARIANT: Added block "Utilities" => Account Login 1
* VARIANT: Added block "Utilities" => Account Login 2
* VARIANT: Added block "Utilities" => Account Login 3
* VARIANT: Added block "Block Cards Detailed" 
* VARIANT: Added block "Block Cards Detailed & Sidebar" 
* NEW PAGE: Login simple 1
* NEW PAGE: Login simple 2
* NEW PAGE: Login simple 3
April 9th 2017 - v10.0.3
* VARIANT - Fixed image saving bug when site is on a subdirectory
* VARIANT - Fixed image loading bug when site is on a subdirectory
* VARIANT - Improved Variant data portability
* VARIANT - Section images moved to plugin folder
* VARIANT - Shortcode options moved to Variant Config theme folder
* VARIANT - Added taxonomy and post type exists check for building options data
* VARIANT - Shortcodes added to WP WYSIWYG will now be escaped in edit mode so that they don't render (automatic [[shortcode]] double bracket escape)
* VARIANT - Shortcodes added to WP WYSIWYG & escaped will now show correctly on the live view of your site
* VARIANT - Added WYSWIYG to logo carousel so that images can be linked
* FIXED - Logo position on centered header when follow scroll is active
* FIXED - Pagination position in "Blog Row" block in Variant
* FIXED - "+" symbol is stripped from Google Fonts URL to avoid loading issues
* FIXED - "show featured image" theme option default value was incorrect
* FIXED - Scroll header on mobile is no longer offset from page top when scrolling down the screen
* FIXED - Blog "cards" title hover styling is now consistent with other blog types
* FIXED - Scroll nav menu offset bug if offset was set to 0
* UPDATED - .pot translation file
* ADDED - Navigation top margin control in "appearance => customise => header settings" to center the nav with your larger logo
* ADDED - Option to show menu dropdowns on hover rather than on click, see "appearance => customise => site settings" 
* ADDED - New footer layout; widget columns & sub footer - white background
* ADDED - New footer layout; widget columns & sub footer - grey background
* ADDED - New footer layout; widget columns & sub footer - dark background
* ADDED - New footer layout; widget columns & sub footer - image background
* ADDED - Footer logo dark theme option
* ADDED - Footer logo light theme option
* VISUAL COMPOSER - Added height option to hero image block
* VISUAL COMPOSER - Added height option to hero video block
* VISUAL COMPOSER - Added height option to hero slider block
* VISUAL COMPOSER - Added height option to hero gradient block
* VISUAL COMPOSER - Added "Right 50/50" option to "text & image" block
* VISUAL COMPOSER - Added "Right 33/66" option to "text & image" block
* VISUAL COMPOSER - Added "Right 25/75" option to "text & image" block
April 5th 2017 - v10.0.2
* IMPROVED - Cards blog type title display
* IMPROVED - Cards & Sidebar blog type title display
* FIXED - Both logos showing in mobile view of sidebar offscreen header
* FIXED - Larger logos with unclickable areas
* FIXED - Single post "post meta" on/off now works with the image header post type
* ADDED - Featured image to single posts
* ADDED - Option in "single post" theme options to show/hide featured image
* ADDED - Option in "single post" theme options to show/hide author details (image post format)
* ADDED - Standard page template which is a fullwidth page with no sidebar
* ADDED - Use extend-width class on images you want to exceed their container slightly
* ADDED - Custom wp media 
 layout - Stack Slider
* ADDED - Custom wp media 
 layout - Stack Lightbox Gallery
* ADDED - Blog type "row", a really minimal list of post titles
* ADDED - .breadcrumb--section class to all breadcrumb sections
* ADDED - Site option to turn off breadcrumb section
* ADDED - Pull Quote Left text style
* ADDED - Pull Quote Right text style
* ADDED - Appropriate headers now scroll with the page
* ADDED - Options to turn off header scroll, desktop & mobile
* ADDED - Options to control when header scroll triggers, desktop & mobile
* ADDED - Option to allow the top bar of navigation to follow scroll
* UPDATED - LESS files & theme.css
* VARIANT - Added post amount chooser to blog items in settings sidebar
* VARIANT - Added category chooser to blog items in settings sidebar
* VARIANT - Added "Blog Row" Block
* VARIANT - Added Cover Gradient 1 Block
* VARIANT - Added Cover Gradient 2 Block
April 5th 2017 - v10.0.1
* FIXED - Child theme
* FIXED - WYSIWYG in Variant Cover Text 3
* FIXED - WYSIWYG in Features Small 4 BG
* FIXED - Mobile "cheeseburger" icon position in mobile headers
* FIXED - WooCommerce v3.0.0 product IDs being called incorrectly
* FIXED - Sidebar menu cart button not linked correctly
* FIXED - Sidebar menu checkout button not linked correctly
* FIXED - Header buttons not removing properly
* UPDATED - Variant Demo Data Home Nonprofit
* UPDATED - Variant Demo Data Home Landing 1
* ADDED - Slide-in menu, button 1 options, URL, Button Text & Label Text
* ADDED - Slide-in menu, button 2 options, URL, Button Text & Label Text
* VARIANT - Fixed "back to wordPress" button
* VARIANT - Fixed Cover Text 3
* VARIANT - Fixed header & footer when switching pages
* VARIANT - Fixed page switching after adding a new page
* VARIANT - Fixed edge case page saving issue in Chrome
* VARIANT - Fixed issue stopping page save in Edge
April 3rd 2017 - v10.0.0 - INITIAL RELEASE