Seo Tips – Keywords


Seo (search engine optimization) tips for keywords is one of the starting points for good search engine optimization.

Seo keywords is one of the very first things that you will do when you begin to optimize your web site for high natural search engine rankings. Although it is foundational, meaning that you practically have to do it, it keywords for seo is a very small portion of the work that needs to be done for good seo. It is one of the least impactful components of seo.

So how do you create a strong seo keywords foundation? Here are some tips for seo keyword optimization:

1) Use a keyword tool (the free versions are all you need to get all the information you need) and find keywords that get at least 1000 searches per month, and that have less than 5000 competing web sites (results) in the search engine results.

2) Create individual web pages for each keyword you wish to optimize for. Put the keyword in the title, keyword tag, description tag, a header tag, and several times in the content of the web page.

Once you have your seo keyword foundation, here are some tips to gain further search engine rankings:

1) Write articles around your keyword themes, put text anchor links into your articles, linking to the web page that is optimized for the respective keyword around which your article is written, and submit these articles to each of the top 100 article directories online.

2) Submit your web page url to each of the top 100 web directories online.

Within a short period of time, your optimized web page should be appearing in the top ten results in most of the major search engine rankings for the respective seo tips keywords

you have been using.


Source by Sean Mize