Search Engine Optimization Tips


What is SEO?

SEO is the active practice of promoting a web site by improving internal and external aspects in order to increase the traffic the site receives from search engines. It is focused on website promotion by improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural (organic) search results for targeted keywords.

Search Engine Optimization Companies that practice SEO can vary; some have a highly specialized focus, while others take a broader and general approach. Optimizing a web site for search engines can require looking at so many unique elements that many Professional Search Engine Optimizers (SEO experts) consider themselves to be in the broad field of website optimization (since so many of those elements intertwine).

We have listed out some of the most essential Search Engine Optimization ethics that needs to be formulated for website promotion:

Directory Submission

Directory submission is a great source of links to the website. Submissions to web directories are the best place to start promoting a new site. Web directories offer links for free, for a fee or in exchange for a link.


  • Always submit to relevant and most appropriate category
  • Try to submit to a quality page
  • If paid submission, then be sure to check the relevancy and quality of the link page
  • If Reciprocal, then exchange link with similar PR or a page with higher PR.

Link Popularity

Link Building or back links are very important for optimizing the site on search engines. Google counts every back link as a vote delivered for your website but also considers the quality of the page linking to your website. So, only relevant and quality pages with less number of links should be preferred for Link building.


  • Always choose relevant and quality pages for link building
  • Free one way links are the best
  • Pages that link to your website should be indexed with Google
  • Pages that link to your website should be no more than 2 clicks away from the home page and should contain no more than 30 links on the page.

Social Bookmarking

Social Book Marking has become a very important strategy in the SEO process. Social bookmarking sites are “tag based”- which means you can “tag” them with keywords so your visitors that bookmark your site can find them easily later. Search engines when crawl, index these tags, as well as the link, so you are essentially getting free one-way links from high-traffic sites, with all of your keywords attached to them.


  • Chose proper tags for your web listing
  • Share your bookmarks with your friends and others
  • Promote your bookmarks as well
  • Comment on others bookmark and let others comment on yours

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keywords play the most important role when it comes to website optimization.

As search Engines need just the most informative and useful sites for their visitors, they prefer the sites containing content with the highest priority of the keywords being searched.

Expert Keyword Research is the cornerstone to a successful SEO.


  • Always chose keywords relevant to your site’s theme
  • Use multi-word phrases
  • Research keywords specifically for each page
  • Country specific Keyword Research
  • Perform Effective Keyword Analysis
  • Ongoing Keyword Research

Search Engine Friendly Design

Before starting search engine optimization process for the website, it is very important to make website Search Engine Optimization friendly. Making web site user friendly as well as Search engine friendly includes a few simple steps.

  • Make it simple
  • Organize website
  • Avoid Javascript and images
  • Avoid scrolling

White Hat SEO

White hat technique to Search Engine Optimization consists of ethical methods of search engine optimization which are recommended by search engines as part of good design. Some of the most popular white hat techniques are:

  • Quality Content
  • Use of Relevant Keywords
  • Use Structural (Semantic) Mark Up and Separate Content from Presentation
  • Proper use of Titles and Meta Data
  • Keyword Research and Effective Keyword Use
  • Quality Inbound Links


Source by Jyoti Mali