Search Engine Optimization Techniques


In this writing, I will be pointing out some very important search engine optimization techniques or SEO tactics which, if they are well implemented, will surely bring you a decent number of visitors to your site through organic searches. Each of the named step needs to be done the right way if you want to succeed in your quest for traffic.

On-page SEO Techniques

On-page SEO techniques are often dependent on the structure of the website to be implemented properly. Some site layouts might push you to put aside some of the techniques that can be used for on-page optimization for others. However, the essential tips that I will cover here are the ones that could be used almost all the time. Let’s dive in now…

Niche Keywords Research

One of the most important aspects and basis of Search Engine Optimization is ‘Keyword Research’. This is the first step that needs done to help focus on the right target (keywords). Since many keywords that we might be interested in are most of the time competitive ones, it is therefore better to select and target achievable keywords or keyword phrases which have low competition. Moreover, using long tail keyword phrases are the best way to achieve SEO success.

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Site Content Optimization Techniques

Search Engine Optimization techniques are not just about keywords but relate to everything done on the website as well. Provided that you already have a good and cleanly coded website, your content or article on each page should be unique and optimized as per your selected keyword phrase for the page to rank well in the search engines. It is recommended to target only one keyword phrase per page. It is also important that your selected keyword phrase appears one to three times across the page including at least once as a header (h1, h2 etc… ). You don’t need to stuff keywords all around your page if you don’t want to be penalized by search engines.

Meta Title, Keywords and Description

Based on your selected keywords after your researches, it is crucial to include the keyword phrase in your page meta title, meta keywords and meta description so that the three are related. Moreover, your main page title (header) should also contain your targeted keyword and the other headings, other related keywords. Adding an external link to a related authority page will also be helpful. As a rule of thumb, don’t forget to have your keywords in the page URL.

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What about off-page SEO tactics?

Should off-page search engine optimization techniques be added to the effort?

My answer is yes and no! Actually it will all depends on how your keyword research and on-page SEO were done. If your on-page techniques were employed correctly, you then don’t really have to bother about off-page. However, you can still try to build some very relevant backlinks from authority websites to help give importance to your page and make some use of social medias to help drive even more traffic to your pages but if on-page is done properly, this will be largely enough to beat your competitors in terms of search engine ranking.


Source by Elizer Besnard