MultiStores – WordPress WooCommerce Theme Support Multiple Stores (Retail)

MultiStores – WordPress WooCommerce Theme Support Multiple Stores

With a modern, sophisticated and unique style, WP Multistores gets all things you need. We built it based on the best eCommerce solution for WordPress. It is perfectly suitable for any kind of marketplace business that requires many specific features and powerful functions.


  • Powerful admin panel:You can set up custom structures in admin panel even if you do not know anything about HTML/PHP.
  • One click import demo:Minimize hard work by installing sample data package with just one click. Your website is ready. Simplify your work.
  • Responsive design:WP Multistores is 100% responsive. All layouts will fit and look great on different devices as a desktop, mobile phone, and tablet with responsive function.
  • Creative header:Header included a logo, search bar, account, cart and many things that enriches your site.
  • Footer with fully information:Powerful footer with a lot of information that admin wants to navigate their customers see more.
  • Grid/List view with category
  • Product detail pages:You will see full information related to a product on each product detail pages.
  • Easy to custom:With WordPress Woocommerce Theme support Multiple Stores, you can change many things easily as an image, logo or show products on a hot deal, features, new and best seller tab.
  • Product best seller:This module allows displaying product which people purchase a lot in homepage.
  • Hot deal products:Allowing admin display promotion with countdown function in real time, or build anticipation for upcoming events.
  • Featured products:You can select a product as a featured product right in the admin panel. Featured products as best-selling or hot items at the moment.
  • Product hovering function:When customer hovers a mouse over a product, they will see 3 buttons as quick view, add to cart or add to wishlist. It is very useful for your website to increase sales volume.


  • Page builder by SiteOrigin makes it easy to build responsive grid-based page content that adapts to mobile devices with pixel perfect accuracy. It’s a whole new dimension to content creation that’ll help you create your home, contact, about us or any other page where a linear layout won’t convey your message. It’s a powerful enhancement to the WordPress content editing experience, yet it feels entirely familiar.
  • Simple Drag and Drop. A simple drag and drop interface means you’ll never need to touch a line of code. You can reply on Page Builder to do what it does best –  all the difficult work, generating light-weight, SEO friendly code, A page users and search engines will love.
  • Use your favorite widgets.
  • WordPress widgets are a site owner’s best friend. Page Builder uses the widgets you love, and we’ve integrated with some incredible plugins to give you even more. Page Builder and widgets – together forever.
  • Works with your theme. Page Builder isn’t a commitment to a single theme or even a theme developer. It integrates with any theme. This capability guarantees that your content will always come along with you, even when your design tastes change. The freedom to move forward.


  • Fully Responsive & Mobile Specific Features
  • jQuery 1.7 – jQuery 2.x Supported
  • Lightning Fast Greensock Animation Engine
  • Powerful API functions
  • Smart Font Loading
  • Hero, Carousel and Classic Slider Features
  • All Sizes Possible (Full Responsive + Revolutionary 4 Level Advanced Sizes)
  • Full width, Full screen, Auto Responsive Slider sizes
  • Unlimited Sliders per page
  • Image BG Cover, Contain, Tiled, Alignment, etc.
  • WYSIWYG Drag & Drop Editor
  • Published / Unpublished Slides
  • Publish slides based on predefined Dates
  • Simple and Advanced Lazy Loading for Faster and SEO Optimized Slider Start
  • Link and Actions on Slides
  • Parallax Effects, full customizable, combine with Ken Burns and other effects (Mouse / Scroll controlled)
  • Improved Light weight Ken Burns Effects (easier & faster)
  • World Premiere for advanced Action Building
  • Build Social Stream based Sliders
  • Quick and Easy building based on Slider, Slide and Layer Templates
  • Performance Monitor and better Performance Suggestions
  • Viewport based Slide Loading and Progress
  • Create Slider Defaults, Reset, overwrite single Settings due all slides
  • Save Slide, Slider, Layer, Animation as Template
  • Animation Builder
  • Huge Number of Possible Transitions
  • Create your custom animations
  • Set Start / End Time, Speed, Ease and Effects of any Layers
  • Show/hide layers on Slider Effects, Events, Actions
  • Add Unlimited Number of Layers
  • YouTube, Vimeo, Self-Hosted HTML5 Videos, Shapes, Buttons, Predefined Buttons as Layer
  • Set actions and links per Layers
  • Combine Actions over different Layers and slides
  • Option to Link to a Specific Slide via Layer
  • Toggle Animation, Classes, video functions via Layers
  • Variable Layer Image Sizes, full responsive and/or Device Size based
  • Design your Layers for different Device sizes after your needs
  • Option to Hide Layers on Any Devices
  • Bullet, Button, Tabs and Thumbnail Navigation, single or mixed mode. Any position like outter, inner, aligned etc.
  • Left/Right, Top/Bottom Mouse Scroll events.
  • Vertical/Horizontal Keyboard actions
  • Mobile Touch Enabled (Optional)
  • Drag and Pull Carousel Feature
  • “Stop Slide Timer on Hover” Function
  • Auto-Hiding of Navigation with Delay Option
  • Optional Countdown Timer Line
  • Set position, color, size of Time Line
  • Set size, visibility, amount and behavior of Thumbs, Tabs, Bullets, Arrows
  • Hide / Enable Navigation on Mobile Devices
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Fancy Navigation Skins with Slider Preview
  • AutoPlay – Always, only first time, skip first time, wait for action
  • Stop video on Blur, Play Video only in ViewPort
  • Rewind, or keep current progress time
  • Set Start and End time
  • Loop, “Loop and Progress” Slide
  • Full screen, full width, boxed
  • Navigation features
  • Action based control (through other layers)
  • New Video API, Events and Methods to control media outside of the Slider
  • Custom-Build Content
  • WordPress Posts
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Flickr
  • Instagram


  • Works with your theme: Max Mega Menu is a drop in replacement for your existing menu system.
  • Visual Mega Menu Builder: Max Mega Menu is the only menu plugin for WordPress with a visual drag and drop interface. Add any WordPress widget to your menu!
  • Unlimited Level Flyout Menus: If your theme restricts you to showing just one or two level menus, install Max Mega Menu and start creating unlimited level flyout menu’s with ease.
  • Choose your own style: Customize every aspect of your menus with over 100 styling options, no CSS knowledge needed.
  • Works with multiple Menus: Max Mega Menu can be enabled for a single or multiple menu locations per page.
  • Responsive & Touch Friendly: Menus created with Max Mega Menu look and work great on all devices, including touch screen.


  • Theme Options by Redux Framework brings you the easiest way to change
  • theme options like logo, color, fonts, shop page, header, footer,…
  • Unlimited sidebar:Easily create custom sidebars and asign different sidebar to each page


  • Create multiple wish-lists: users will be able to create and manage multiple wish-lists, in case they prefer to split the products by category or by other parameters
  • Make one or more wish-lists private: allow users to make their wish-list private or public: if public, they can share it with friends, relatives and on social networks
  • Ask for an estimate for the products in the wish-list: let users send the wish-list to the administrator of the e-commerce to ask for a custom estimate about the product they are interested in
  • Allow searching users’ wish-lists: add a search form in the site to let people consult public wish-lists
  • Observe Users’ Wish-lists To Understand Their Needs: determine statistics to know better your customers’ needs and to make special discounts and promotions for most popular products
  • Add to cart some or all products in the wish-list: so that your users can decide whether to select some or all products in their wish-list and go to checkout page with a simple click only.
  • Disable wish-list features for unlogged users: and give registered users only the privilege to access wish-list functionalities
  • Display a table with popular products of your shop: see which products appear most frequently in your users’ wish-list and make special offers for them
  • Display links for creating, manage and search wish-list: so that your users can directly access them from the wish-list table.
  • Inform and invite unlogged users to register: so that they can benefit from all wish-list features
  • Send a promotional email: the best way to tell your users about special offers, or to propose a unique one by yourself!
  • Freely manage your wish-list: your users will be free to move easily the products from a wish-list to another.
  • See the date of addition of a product in a wish-list: for a precise and aimed check to offer more information to your clients.


  • Show the comparison in another page: a page that you can add even among the entries of your shop menu.
  • Compare elements by category: removing every doubt of your customers thanks to the compare by category option.
  • Exclude specific categories: in this way, they won’t be available for the comparison and, on the contrary, you can even activate only those selected to be compared.
  • Add an image ahead of the table: customize the comparison table as you want!
  • Compare always the product information: no more comparisons with empty fields: these will be automatically hidden!
  • Share the comparison on social network sites: create your comparison and share it on facebook, twitter, google+ and pinterest.
  • Show immediately the related products: thanks to a slider under the table that shoes the products with the same category/tag!
  • Change style and colors: make the plugin totally compatible with the layout of your site!
  • Customize attributes: add those you want for your products and make them appear in the comparing tables.
  • Create a table with the desired products: select the products and use the generated short code to add the table in the page you want.


  • Choose what type of button to display: decide whether to display a quick view button or a customized icon to access the quick view, and decide where to place it, near add to cart button or within the product image.
  • Browse products within quick view: so that you can quickly move to the previous or next product. Without leaving the window
  • Choose information to display: you can decide if displaying all information of just part of it.
  • Show different types of images: display just featured image or also other images through sliding effect or in traditional woo-commerce display
  • Choose displaying method for quick view: as modal window or with a cascading unrolling effect
  • Access product detail page from quick view: thanks to the additional “view details” button
  • Share quick views in social media: to be social-friendly and share quick views of your products on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, or send an email
  • Customize style: you can decide color of the “quick view” button and everything that is within the modal window.
  • Place the quick view where you want: use the available short code to make your users see a specific product in any page.
  • Improve your experience with YITH plugins: its compatibility with YITH woo-commerce zoom magnifier, YITH woo-commerce badge management and YITH woo-commerce wish-list lets you mix their features!


  • You can swatch your size or color attributes with color block or image.
  • Supports color/image/text variation swatches and dropdown select.
  • Woocommerce improved variable product attributes and swatches attribute.
  • Global color or image values for attributes.
  • Inbuilt color/image product filter.
  • Works on mobile devices.
  • Inbuilt direct variation link feature.
  • Different sizes of swatch from small to large.
  • Square as well as round swatch support.
  • Option to display option name below swatch.
  • Shows color or image swatches on shop/category/tag archive pages.
  • Change product image on swatch hover on category/archive pages.


  • Cross browser: WordPress WooCommerce Theme support Multiple Stores works perfectly with all major browser as Chrome, Firefox, IE and so on.
  • Module brand: You can add brand for each product and filter brand with each category. Customers can find their favorite brand quickly.
  • WooCommerce Integration: WooCommerce is a free eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell anything, beautifully. Built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution that gives both store owners and developers complete control.
  • Multi-currency: You can set up currencies for your stores to suitable with more hundred countries around the world.
  • Multi-languages: You can set up languages to suitable with customers around the world to increase revenue.
  • Product filter:You  Filter your products by any criteria as price, color, attribute,…Full ajax support.


  • Free of Charge – After purchase, all updates are free of charge.
  • Update Guarantee – we will continue to update and improve this theme to keep it the best theme for Worpress. The upgrade will be guide in the user guiders of newer version and the buyer has his own responsibility to upgrade the products or not
  • Ticket Support – we have a team support private ticket here, please register and open ticket support. Please read over our support policy as we as Themeforest support policy
  • Support Period – we will only support client who has a validated support period from Themeforest, if you are expired, please buy a new extension of support.


  • Presales Questions – if you have any presales questions, please post on TF comment sections.
  • Template Userguider – the template come with a detail userguiders in PDF format which is update often
  • Template Installation on live site – you can buy and use it with your current Magento website which already has product and data
  • Plugins – All the WordPress plugin used on demo sites is included in the download files.
  • Installation Services – for any buyer who do not have time, skills, knowledge or for any other reasons can buytheProfessional WordPress Themes Installation Services from our team, so we can install demo data with images and products, pricing, configure all the modules to work with themes.
  • WordPress Project Outsourcing – In case you want to customize this templates, set up full sites, need a team to do maintenance, then please feel free to contact our team at


  • Refund Policy – we are a seller on Themeforest and we comply with TF support and refund policy. If you want a refund, please contact Envato team to receive the determination.
  • Media Images – some product images, background photos, videos, banners…which use for demo template, is the subject of copyright and are not included in the purchase packages and sample data. We can replace them with placeholder images, so please use your own items.

Version 1.2.0(30 Mar 17)

- Added 4 home page layouts
- Fix some css bugs
- Fix responsive in checkout page
- Improve install theme

Version 1.0.0(17 Feb 17)


You can see WordPress Multistore Theme Integrated Multi-Vendor Packages at here: