Mstoic – Responsive Blog Theme (Blog / Magazine)

  • Responsive

    Mstoic is completely responsive and looks stunning on every device. The site navigation menus, the sidebar, the images, and everything else changes according to the width of the device your website is viewed in. You can even covert your static non-responsive ads to responsive, which can be done using our well thought ad management options.

  • Typography

    Mstoic comes with have included Google Fonts support. You can choose any font from 650+ Google fonts. You also get to choose a different font for headings and a different font for body text.

  • Ad Management

    Display ads without even touching the code. We have made it really easy to add and configure advertisements on your website. With Mstoic, you can even make your static non-responsive ads responsive.

  • 8 Colour Schemes

    We have included 8 colour schemes with the following base colours. Give a complete makeover to your website with a single click.

    • Blue
    • Coffee
    • Green
    • Grey
    • Midnight
    • Ocean
    • Pink
    • Red
  • Customise Colours

    You can change colour for every element on your website. This is done with the help of WordPress’s in-built colour picker.

  • Loads Webpages Faster

    Apart from CSS and JS files, our theme only loads the Font Awesome font library, and nothing else. We don’t use any image/flash file that could slowdown the page loading speed. Your website looks stunning with Font Awesome icons, without comprising the speed.

  • Optional Featured Image Support

    Our theme fully supports featured images, and it displays them at many places to make your website look good. But you have the option to turn it off, if you don’t plan to use featured images.

  • Beautiful and Functional Options Page; Designed with Redux

    The power of Mstoic lies with all the configurations options it comes with. You can customise every bit of your website, and give it your own personal touch. We have integrated the best options page Framework, the Redux framework into our theme.

  • Slider

    With Mstoic, you can display a slider with any number of images by just using our options page.

    • Choose pages to show slider on.
    • Choose slider images using the WordPress media uploader, no URL copy/paste needed.
    • You can add custom links, title and description.
    • Slider automagically crops the larger images to match the smallest image chosen for slider.
  • Font Awesome Integration

    We have used Font Awesome icons all over our theme, to make it more eye-pleasing. But we have also added the shortcode generator support for Font Awesome icons, which enables you to add Font Awesome icons in your posts and pages. Not only that, you can customise the size, colour, and background of the icons also.

  • App Style Mobile Navigation

    To make out theme truly responsive, our navigation menus change completely on touch devices. The navigation menus behave typically like the navigation menus you find in mobile apps nowadays. They are best suited for navigation on touch devices.

  • Sticky Navigation

    Mstoic allows you to stick your navigation menus at the top of the page. Just using our options page, you can make any navigation menu sticky.

  • Newspaper Layout

    The standard blog layout is seen everywhere, give your blog a refreshing new look with Newspaper layout. It displays your posts as newspaper articles, and the number of columns are decided by the width of the device. You also have the option to turn the newspaper style off.

  • Infinite Scrolling

    If you wish, you can enable infinite loading of posts. This will load new posts whenever the user reaches the last visible post on index pages. This way, the user will never have to click the pagination links to reach the next set of pages.

  • Popup Box

    With Mstoic, you can display your website visitors a popup box. It can display:

    • A Facebook like box
    • A Twitter Follow button
    • A Feedburner subscription form
    • Any custom HTML

    You can also delay the popup, and you can even define the number of days after which the popup box will be shown again.

  • Notification Bar

    Mstoic comes with a hello bar like notification bar. It can display:

    • Any custom post in the notification bar
    • Custom HTML in the notification bar
    • The latest post

    You also get the flexibility to show the notification bar at the top/bottom of the screen.

  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    Show related posts with YARPP in a beautiful style using our custom template for YARPP. What’s more, to get even more clicks, we have made the complete YARPP list items clickable using JavaScript.

  • Custom CSS and JavaScript
    • CSS – Add your custom CSS codes to make your website look the way you want it to. You have the option to add CSS that will be added to all the pages of your website, or you can add CSS for specific posts and pages. Your custom CSS is added after the theme’s CSS, which makes sure that your CSS code over-ride the theme’s CSS rules.
    • JS – You can also add your custom Javascript code. Your code is loaded after the jQuery library is loaded. This makes sure that you can use jQuery too.
  • Shortcode Builder

    Mstoic comes bundled with our custom shortcode builder, which makes adding shortcakes a breeze. Just few clicks, and your shortcodes are ready to be used.

  • 16 Shortcodes

    Mstoic ships with 16 shortcodes, and we are constantly adding new ones.

    1. Accordion – Add accordion menus without writing a simple line of code. Just use our shortcode builder and add fully functional accordion menus in your posts and pages.
    2. Columns – Divide your content into columns with our easy to use Columns shortcode.
    3. Contact Form – Display contact form anywhere in your content. You also get the flexibility to choose the input fields.
    4. Custom Buttons – You can display buttons with custom text, link, size and colours.
    5. Divider Lines – Choose from 5 type of divider lines to divide your content. You can also choose the colour for the lines.
    6. Drop Caps – Highlight the first letter of any paragraph. You can even choose the background color and the text color for the Drop Cap
    7. Font Awesome – The Font Awesome shortcode allows you to display any Font Awesome icon. You can also customise the size, font colour, and the background colour of the icon.
    8. Google Maps – Integrate Google Maps by just typing the name of the place.
    9. Notice Box – Display notice boxes of various colours.
    10. Panels – Display success, danger, alert and other messages using Panels. You can give a heading and a body text to your panel.
    11. Portfolios – We have added a custom post type – portfolio in our Mstoic core plugin. The portfolio shortcode allows you to list the portfolios on any post/page you want.
    12. Recent Posts – Add latest posts to any post/page. You can decide the number of posts to show.
    13. Related Posts – Add related posts to any post/page. You can decide the number of posts to show and the category to show posts from.
    14. Tabs – Add tabs using our simple shortcodes.
    15. Tooltip – Show tooltips with amazing effect with our custom shortcode. You also get the flexibility to choose the direction of the tooltip.
    16. Wiki Links – Add Wikipedia type index to your posts and pages with our Wiki Links shortcode. You just have to add the headings, and our plugin will automatically create the index, like Wikipedia does.
  • Search Engine Optimized

    Mstoic is built keeping SEO in mind. Mstoic includes microformats from, which makes sure that search engines will have a good idea about your content. Our theme is compatible with almost all the SEO plugins for WordPress too.

  • Custom Widgets

    We have included 10 custom widgets to make sure you have enough content to fill your sidebar.

    1. Author Widget – Display details about the author. Useful for single author blogs.
    2. Desktop Widget – A widget which is displayed only on the desktops, and is not displayed on touch devices.
    3. Facebook Like Box Widget – A widget that can display Facebook like box, by just taking the URL of the Facebook page. You can also choose to hide/show the Faces of the Facebook page fans and the stream of your Facebook page.
    4. Follow Us Widget – Allow people to follow your website on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
    5. Mobile Widget – Use this widget to display content that needs to be available only to mobile users. The widget content will be hidden from anyone viewing it on a desktop.
    6. Popular Posts Widget – Show popular posts from your blog.
    7. Posts From Category – Show posts from any selected category in the sidebar.
    8. Random Posts Widget – Show random posts from your website.
    9. Related Posts Widget – An amazing widget that displays related posts from the same categories the current posts belongs to. This widget appears only on single post pages.
    10. Twitter Follow Widget – Add Twitter Follow button by just typing your Twitter username. You can also show/hide your username and follower count using our widget.
  • Sticky Widget Area

    Like sticky navigation, we have made a widget area that will stick to the top of the page if user scrolls past that widget area. Any widget you put in the sticky widgets area will stick to the top of the page.

  • bbPress Compatible

    Mstoic is completely compatible with bbPress. bbPress pages look stunning with our theme. You can even choose a custom sidebar to be used exclusively on bbPress pages.

  • Woocommerce Compatible

    You can setup your digital shop in seconds with Woocommerce, and that is why we build our theme keeping your needs in mind. Woocommerce plays well with Mstoic, and you can even display different widgets in the sidebar, just for the Woocommerce pages.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Compatible

    Mstoic is compatible with Easy Digital Downloads and all of its elements are made to match the look and feel of the theme.

  • Apple Touch Icon

    Mstoic lets you select/upload any image as Apple Touch Icon. This is displayed when anyone bookmarks your website on Android or iOS.

  • Attractive 404 Page

    404 Error pages on websites are mostly of no value to the visitor, because they just display an error message and nothing else. With Mstoic, we decided to shake up the things a little bit. On error pages, the theme displays:

    • A search box – to search anything the visitor feels like
    • The most popular categories
    • 10 Latest Posts
    • 10 Most Popular Posts
    • 10 Random Posts
  • Back To Top Button

    A back to top button can be displayed in the bottom right of the page, which when clicked, will take the user to the top of the page. We have also added a little scroll effect.

  • Breadcrumbs

    The theme can show breadcrumbs on single post pages. By default we use our own function to generate breadcrumbs. If you have installed and activated the Yoast SEO plugin, then we can use the Yoast breadcrumbs functions too. This setting can be changed in the options page itself.

  • Continue Reading Link

    Enable/Disable the continue reading link on index pages. You can also customise the continue reading text.

  • Customize WordPress Login Page

    Mstoic lets you customise the WordPress login page too. You can customise the following:

    • The WordPress logo
    • The link that the logo points to
    • The title text for the logo
  • Excerpt Length

    You can set the number of characters for the post excerpt that will be shown on index page.

  • Favicon

    Use any image as Favicon for your website. Just upload or select the image of your choice in the theme options page and your sites Favicon will appear automagically.

  • Google Analytics

    Just type your Google Analytics ID in the theme options page and Mstoic will take care of the rest. It will automatically add required scripts and Google Analytics will start tracking your website immediately.

  • Image Effects

    Mstoic comes with two type of image effects. You can enable/disable each of them.

    • Image shadow: A shadow is displayed on the outer of images. Makes your images stand out.
    • Image Hover Effect: Displays a nice glow effect when user hovers over any image.
  • Page Layout

    Mstoic comes with 3 layout options.

    • Right Sidebar: The sidebar is displayed on the right side of the page.
    • Left Sidebar: The sidebar is displayed on the left side of the page.
    • No Sidebar: The sidebar is not displayed at all.

    You also get the option to show/hide the sidebar for single post/page. You can change the sidebar settings for the current post/page from the post editor page.

  • Portfolio Post Type

    To showcase your portfolios, we have added a custom post type – Portfolio. With this CPT, you can add your work and showcase it on your website. We have also added a shortcode that can display your portfolios on any post/page you want.

  • Portfolio Post Type

    To showcase your portfolios, we have added a custom post type – Portfolio. With this CPT, you can add your work and showcase it on your website. We have also added a shortcode that can display your portfolios on any post/page you want.

  • One Click Demo Importer

    Import demo content with our one click demo importer. Not just core WordPress elements, we have also included demo content for bbPress and Woocommerce.

  • Relative Timings

    Some websites show dates in relative format, like 1 hour ago, 2 days ago. If you are a fan of that format, we have got you covered. You can enable/disable relative timings from the theme’s options page.

  • Set Maximum Site Width

    Mstoic is a completely responsive theme, if you still want to set a maximum width, then Mstoic has an option for that too.

  • Social Sharing Icons

    You can display social sharing icons above and below single posts and pages. We have included these social networks from sharing:

    • Facebook
    • Google Plus
    • Linkedin
    • Pinterest
    • Stumble Upon
    • Twitter

    To reduce page size and to decrease the page load time, the social share counts are deduced using AJAX and PHP. The social icons are also replaced by the Font Awesome icons.