2014 Tips For Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization creates a better ranking for your web pages with the search engines that are suggesting your pages to viewers. Whenever someone types a word, or phrase, into a browser the browser immediately attempts to find web pages they know of with content relevant to the persons typed request. The more relevant the search engine feels your pages are, the closer to the top of the suggestions list your web address will be.

The following tips for search engine optimization will help you get 2014 started off with extra traffic to your pages.

1. You have to know where you stand before you can change your position. You need to monitor what position your web pages are offered in when certain phrases, and keywords, are typed into a browser. You should make a log that shows what number you are on the list of the different search engines, and check this position frequently to see if it changes.

2. Keywords are crucial to the recommendations from the search engines. For good SEO be certain that you are placing the keywords relevant to your content in the titles of articles, in the content of articles, and in the URLs, as well as in the names of images on your pages. Be certain that you have keywords in the title tag and on the page header of each page. These are the most important places for keywords. Make sure your keyword density remains around 2% are you could be seen by the engines as engaging in keyword stuffing, and if they feel like you are stuffing they will place your pages farther down on the list of recommendations.

3. Create links within the site that lead to other pages on the site. Linking visitors back to your own pages will increase your standing with the search engines, and it will also prove useful in getting people to places they want to be. You can establish links to other relevant sites, just be certain the content is relevant to your own, and make sure you keep a check on these links to ascertain whether or not they are functioning properly. The best places to create links to are Forum pages, Blog sites, and discussion groups.

4. You need a site map on your landing page that tells people exactly what page they need to go to for specific information. The site map should be easy to use, because the fewer times a person has to click to get to where they want to be, the more times they are likely to recommend your pages to their friends.

5. Search engine optimization is all about getting the spiders to crawl over your page and report what they find to the engines. Spiders do not recognize images, they only recognize text. Every image on your pages must have descriptive text so that the spiders see it, know what it is, and report it.

6. Keep your content fresh and interesting so that people have a reason to return.


Source by Afshin Nejad